Ceramic Tiles Fixing

Jewel Arch are experts in ceramic tile fixing and it is one of our many services we offer that is cost effective and easy to maintain. We specialize in tile restoration, cleaning and sealing. Refurbishing old, damaged tiles involves stripping and resealing them without causing any damage to the tile itself.

We restore tiles using only the best fixing and cleaning materials. We strip the old sealer off the tile which gives us access to existing marks in the tile. We mask the stain in the tile by using a combination of pigments and sealer to match the exact color of the tile.  The tiles will then be resealed.  The delicate process of sealing is specialized, with time being of the utmost importance to allow the sealer to bond correctly with the tile. The resealing of the tile increases the longevity of the tile and adds value to your surroundings.

Our professional and skilled staff together with our precise equipment and materials is being collaborated to satisfy all the needs and requirements of all our clients. We promise to deliver excellent results each and every time.

Jewel Arch

We are team based in UAE. The biggest conundrum when it comes with a painting project for a residential or commercial job is choosing the right paint. The purpose of painting or re-painting is for your home or office to have a good outlook and prevent damage to the house.

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