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Jewel Arch painting services is here to fulfil the needs of our valuable clients.  Through proper consultation and mediation we deliver excellent colour results which is visually appealing to our clients every demand.  We have a team of professionals who has the knowledge, skills and experience to combine both technology and common sense in order to create immaculate painting results.

We encourage our clients to use color which is aesthetically appealing as it affects emotions and behavior. Our services include interior and exterior modification.  Our consultants also encourage clients to consider the function of each room in residential or industrial spaces before choosing a color.  For example: the best colors for a living room would be warm tones such as red, orange and yellow combined with some earthy tones such as brown, beige and cream which creates a connection with people as they enter your personal surroundings. The same applies to industrial environments such as offices, studios or any spaces which our client requires. The exterior tells a lot about the owners.  Color plays an incredible role in marketing and branding and this includes packaging and signage. The value of a property increases in value in many ways and we at the Jewel Arch group are experts in making this a reality with thorough guidance in choosing the correct paint and color.

We, at Jewel Arch, take our clients personality and expectations into consideration and always finish contracts on time and within budget. We will certainly deliver exceptional results within the least amount of time.

Jewel Arch

We are team based in UAE. The biggest conundrum when it comes with a painting project for a residential or commercial job is choosing the right paint. The purpose of painting or re-painting is for your home or office to have a good outlook and prevent damage to the house.

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