Wall Paper Fixing

Wallpaper application seems to be a simple procedure, however, doing it on your own and for the first time can go wrong for a number of small reasons, leaving your wall looking bad and disorientated. We at Jewel Arch are here to take away the pressure and apply desired wallpaper professionally. Leaving no creased corners or bubbled up surfaces.

We at Jewel Arch are dignified in the professional approach we have to our customers required wallpaper of choice. We enjoy decorating all nooks and crannies. Our professionals are knowledgeable and are very careful when pertaining to wallpaper application. The weight of the wallpaper could sometimes cause it to tear at its narrowest point but we at Jewel Arch pride ourselves in perfectly trimmed edges until the narrowest point.

Jewel Arch

We are team based in UAE. The biggest conundrum when it comes with a painting project for a residential or commercial job is choosing the right paint. The purpose of painting or re-painting is for your home or office to have a good outlook and prevent damage to the house.

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